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Clustrex provides comprehensive AI and ML services covering Large language models, Image and Video analytics with leading technologies including OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, Google Vertex, Langchain, LlamaIndex and more

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Chatbot services:

Build your chatbot for your website to engage with your clients in a conversational way to explain your services. Enable your business to collect information by natural language conversations in text or voice and fill out the forms from your users. Examples could be pre-visit patient information collection, account opening information collection and more.. Query your database using natural language to build interactive dashboards and reports.

chat bot

AI based Image processing:

AI based Image processing has multiple use cases such as automatic face recognition to offer personalized services, image classification and more.


Document processing with AI

With the advent of GenAI, document processing, conversational interface and summarization and generation of documents as Blogs have gone through a transformation. Following are some use cases we have worked in this area.

Case Study


1. Bank Statements Extractor

  • arrow-icon Clustrex has developed a robust web application designed to streamline the process of handling bank statements. Our solution allows users to effortlessly upload statements from various banks, automating the extraction of data into a standardized Excel format. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of human error.
  • arrow-icon Users have the flexibility to create templates tailored to each bank's requirements. Alternatively, they can utilize built-in templates that encompass all necessary fields, providing adaptability to diverse user needs.
  • arrow-icon We have also integrated automatic verification system, which reduces user's time to manually verify all the files. This ensures the accuracy and integrity of the extracted data.
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    Technologies Used :

    AWS Textract, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Google Login.
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    Value delivered :

    We have also integrated automatic verification system, which reduces user's time to manually verify all the files. This ensures the accuracy and integrity of the extracted data.
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    Challenges :

    Converting variety of formats used by each bank to a single standard format.

2. Blog Generator for Bankruptcy documents

  • arrow-icon A web application to create blog based on the documents uploaded by the user. The application is integrated with an AI powered chatbot for content generation. The content is intelligently extracted and transformed into a cohesive and engaging blog format.
  • arrow-icon Enhanced user interaction with our AI-powered chatbot, designed to provide customized results based on user prompts. This feature ensures that users can seamlessly incorporate tailored information into their blogs.
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    Technologies Used :

    AWS Bedrock, Langchain, AWS Textract, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Google Login, Prompt Engineering. LLM modals: GPT-4 from OpenAI, Claude from Anthropic.
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    Value delivered :

    Application not only acts as blog generator, but also acts as a chat-bot and answer user's queries based on the documents provided by the user. By adopting a serverless architecture, we have optimized costs while maintaining high efficiency and scalability.
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    Challenges :

    The complexity of transforming document data into informative blogs and integrating advanced AI models.

3. Invoice Extraction from a variety of vendors

  • arrow-icon Each business organization has their own invoice template and is a very difficult task to manually get the data from each invoices and organize them in a structured format for payments and other uses when you are an organization with large supplier base. At Clustrex, we have created an application that processes files once uploaded into a S3 bucket and extracts the data into a structured format.
  • arrow-icon The platform empowers reviewers to verify the extracted data and also facilitates easy uploading of files. Integrated verification mechanisms, including confidence score calculations, guide reviewers in assessing the accuracy of extracted data, streamlining the review process.
  • arrow-icon We have embedded GPT-4 powered LLM to extract LineItem fields from the file, even when presented in multiple tables. The extracted data is consolidated into a single structured table, enhancing readability and usability.
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    Technologies used :

    AWS Bedrock, OpenAI's GPT-4, Prompt Engineering, Llama-Index, AWS Textract, S3, Lambda, Comprehend, Sagemaker Groundtruth, EC2, Step Functions, SQS, MySQL. LLM modals: GPT-4 from OpenAI, Claude from Anthropic.
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    Value Delivered :

    High Quality Data, ability to easily review only the required files, reduced manual intervention for files.
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    Challenges :

    To achieve a standard format for various vendors and to ensure consistency and reliability in handling diverse invoice templates.

4. Dynamic Project Query Bot

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    User-Friendly Queries :

    The bot allows users to interact intuitively with project data through natural language queries.
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    Dynamic Information Retrieval :

    Users can obtain specific details, including open and completed project lists or in-depth information about individual projects.
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    Sorting Capabilities :

    The bot supports sorting projects by completion dates, providing a quick overview of project timelines
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    Status-based Filtering :

    Users can easily filter projects by status, streamlining access to ongoing, completed, or open projects.
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    Value Inquiry :

    The bot accommodates queries about project values, aiding in financial planning and decision-making.
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    Deadline Proximity Alerts :

    Users can inquire about projects ending soon, facilitating prioritization and efficient project management.
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    Top-Value Sorting :

    Users can request a sorted list of completed projects based on values, supporting analysis of high-value projects.
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    Intelligent Responses :

    The bot is programmed to comprehend diverse queries, ensuring accurate and relevant responses.
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    Enhanced Experience :

    By incorporating these features, the bot aims to elevate the overall user experience, promoting effective project management and decision-making.

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