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Healthcare Analytics

With years of involvement in healthcare analytics, We've consistently delivered valuable solutions to practitioners and organizations, Empowering them to make informed decisions driven by data. Our commitment to precision and data-driven decision-making is at the core of our mission, ensuring that our clients navigate the complex healthcare data with confidence and success.



Health Information Exchange

Building healthcare systems integrations with leading engines like mirth connect enabling standard and secure exchange of sensitive health information.



Integration of data from various EHR / EMR, Practice Management Systems like Nextech, Modmed, AdvancedMD, Athena, NextGen, Officemate Eyefinity, Revolution EHR, Surescripts, EPIC. FHIR resource profile and extensions. Standards / Formats - CCDA, FHIR, HL7, and CSV.


Application Development

Create Build healthcare applications using healthcare data for analytics visualization, business process optimization technologies: Python, Go, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Create apps via EPIC App Market (Orchard).


Hipaa Compliant Data Infrastructure

Architect, Design, Build, Maintain HIPAA compliant data infrastructure on premise or cloud providers like AWS using EC2, ECS, EBS, S3, IAM, MFA Secret Manager,VPC, ALB, Lambda, API Gateway, SFTP, SES, Cloudwatch, and Security Hub.


Health Analytics

Buliding large scale data analytics on top of integrated health information by implementing, data preparation, validation, cleaning, loading into data warehouse, data enrichment, analysis and visualization technologies: AWS Lambda, RDS, Tableau, D3.js, AWS Quicksight dashboards.


Health Data Extraction

Clustrex Medical Record Parser helps extract data from New Patient Registration, Claims Record automatically. API is available for bulk record extraction and integration with other workflows.


Electronic Lab Reporting

Clustrex provides software development, ELR message creation based on HL7 2.5.1, validation with state department of health establishing secure connectivity and message content validation for Home care agencies, Labs etc to report disease information such as COVID in their lab tests.

Case Study


1. Healthcare Analytics

  • arrow-icon Full AWS architecture and setup provisioning EC2, EBS, ECS/Fargate, Route 53, S3+Glacier, Athena, IAM, MFA, Secrets Manager, VPC, ALB, Workspace, Lambda, API Gateway, SFTP, SES, Systems Manager, Cloudwatch, SecurityHub, OpenVPN, KMS, Certificate Manager.
  • arrow-icon Large scale ETL ( Extract, Transform, Load ) of data across several US based healthcare practices using Talend / Postgres, across different data formats : CCDA/HL7, CSV. Full-scale migration of Data and Application from another cloud provider.
  • arrow-icon Processing daily patient data for over 25+ US based healthcare practices Flow/Stream based processing using Apache Nifi, Drill and Talend ETL for cross-format data, MirthConnect, AWS Lambda, SQS, AWS RDS, Cloudwatch. Automation scripts in Unix Shell scripts, Python. Data Analysis and visualization using Tableau.
  • arrow-icon Firth Connect / NextGen Connect Healthcare data processing and Building Applications on top of the data layer.
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    Value delivered :

    Technology Expertise, Cost Savings, Timezone support, Teamwork, HIPAA certified.
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    Challenges :

    Variety of Data Interoperability with many systems Strict Regulatory Compliance Domain Knowledge depth.

2. Patient Mobile App for Clinics

  • Clustrex built a mobile app that enables patients to book, reschedule, cancel appointments with their clinic, view their medical records for each visit, update their profile information, view the payment balances and request their medication refills.
  • arrow-icon On the backend, the clinic staff can handle patient requests through a well defined workflow. All the patient records are made available integrating with the practice EMR and Practice management systems.
  • arrow-icon Mobile App is built with React Native targetted for Apple and Android platforms. Web backend is based on Python, AWS Lambda, RDS Postgresql. Data lakes is built on a HIPAA compliant data infrastructure.
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    Value delivered :

    Improved patient experience, self-services workflows, and streamlining practice operations.

3. Clinical Trial Patient Database

  • arrow-icon Clustrex built a web application for an US based client, creating a database of patient prospects with their demographics information. Based on any specified filter criteria, select a list of prospects for a particular campaign/study. Bulk import of prospect information is enabled. Agencies can login and provide new patient prospects for Clinical Trial study.
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    Technologies used :

    React JS, Python, AWS Lambda, and Postgresql.
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    Value Delivered :

    Ability to quickly zero-in on a prospect list for Clinical Trials.

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