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Extract Information from Images and PDF

Despite living in the digital age, we still have a strong presence of financial documents such as invoices in paper form. Clustrex Document Extraction services reduce time, effort taken to get the information into structured form, minimizing this tiresome data entry. With our service, you can process hundreds or even thousands of invoices within minutes thereby reducing cost, improving accuracy and increasing productivity. API allows for processing of documents in bulk and getting the extracted info in structured formats that can be consumed by your existing workflow. We also provide complete customizable outputs to automate your existing workflow including human review.

Healthcare Document Parser

Medical records such as new patient registration, insurance claim form have lot of data that need to be extracted. Manual data entry is slow and error prone. OCR tools are not flexible enough. Welcome to the Clustrex Medical Record Parser !

This tools extracts data that can be consumed by any application for verification and further processing in the workflow. API allows for processing records in bulk and also integration with other applications or data flow. This saves time, effort, cost, and greatly increases efficiency of the operations.

Resume Parser

Its hard to parse and filter data from applicant resumes for a job post, when the responses are high. Clustrex provides the best in class resume parser tool, that extracts key fields like name, contact, education, skills, experience and more from the resume. API allows for processing resumes in bulk and get the extracted info in structured formats that can be consumed by HR professionals or integrated with other applications.


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