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Elevate Your Business with Dynamic Digital Signage

Clustrex offers a cutting-edge digital signage solution that seamlessly blends technology and creativity to transform your work space. Our user-friendly app, available on the App Store and compatible with Firestick, allows you to effortlessly manage and customize your digital displays.

Key Features

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    Easy Installation :

    Download our app from the App Store.
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    Stream Videos and Images :

    Enjoy the flexibility of streaming both videos and images on your digital displays.
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    Location-Based Customization :

    Admins can allocate specific content to different locations, tailoring the viewing experience for your audience.
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    Sequence Arrangement :

    Arrange the sequence of your content to create a dynamic and engaging playlist.
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    Multi-Location Control :

    Admins can manage content for multiple locations, ensuring a consistent brand message or tailoring content for specific audiences.
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    Playlist Flexibility :

    Choose to have the same playlist for different locations or create unique playlists for each area.
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How It Works as a user

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  • arrow-icon Get started by downloading our app from the App Store.
  • arrow-icon Login to the app using your credentials.
  • arrow-icon Select Location & TV.
  • arrow-icon Video and images start playing in loop.

How It Works as a Admin

Admins have full control over content allocation and sequence and playlist arrangement through an intuitive control panel.

Transform your business environment with Clustrex's digital signage services. Enhance customer experiences, boost engagement, and leave a lasting impression.

Digital signage can be used in various locations and industries to enhance communication, engage audiences, and convey information effectively. Here's a list of places where your digital signage services could be utilized:


Commercial Sectors

  • arrow-icon Retail Stores.
  • arrow-icon Corporate Offices.
  • arrow-icon Healthcare Facilities.
  • arrow-icon Education Institutions.
  • arrow-icon Financial Institutions.
  • arrow-icon Automotive Showrooms.
  • arrow-icon Transportation Hubs (Airports, Train Stations).
  • arrow-icon Government Offices.
  • arrow-icon Real Estate Offices.
  • arrow-icon Manufacturing Facilities.

Entertainment Sectors

  • arrow-icon Restaurants and Cafes.
  • arrow-icon Hotels and Hospitality.
  • arrow-icon Event Venues.
  • arrow-icon Gyms and Fitness Centers.
  • arrow-icon Salons and Spas.
  • arrow-icon Entertainment Venues (Cinemas, Bowling Alleys).
  • arrow-icon Museums and Cultural Institutions.
  • arrow-icon GPublic Spaces (Malls, Parks).
  • arrow-icon Billboards, transit advertising, and street displays.
  • arrow-icon Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

Note :

Our app is currently available on Firestick, and it will soon be accessible on Android TV.


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