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Clustrex brings the future of supply chain management to your fingertips through our blockchain-based solutions. With our customizable business process modeling and implementation built on top of leading blockchain technology, you can efficiently manage assets and their attributes across your supply chain while maintaining stringent role-based access control. Our smart contracts ensure secure access, data provenance, and a single source of truth across organizations, resulting in increased feature velocity and substantial cost savings. With expertise in global team integration and the potential for regional go-to-market strategies, we offer a transformative solution applicable across various domains such as Energy, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Logistics, and AgriTech/Food Processing. Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with Clustrex's platform development and custom application services.

Case Study

  • Supply chain on Blockchain
  • arrow-icon Clustrex customized supply-chain business process modeling and implementation is built on top of industry leading Blockchain solution.
  • arrow-icon Ability to build a business process.
  • arrow-icon Ability to manage assets ( with their attributes ) through a chain of business processes.
  • arrow-icon Role based access control for actors .
  • arrow-icon Smart contract to secure access, data provenance and single-source of truth for x-organization.
  • arrow-icon Potential to deploy across various domains - Energy, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing, Logistics, AgriTech/Food processing .
  • arrow-icon Clustrex is involved in Platform Development services and custom application development over the platform.

Value Delivered

  • arrow-icon Feature Velocity Cost Savings, X-Geo Team Integration Expertise Potential Regional GtM

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