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Data Maturity in Organizations

Clustrex collaborates with organization across a variety of domain to move them upto the highest levels of maturity in their data journey where DATA is the key business differentiator


Our Services

Extracting insights from data and enabling, Data-driven Decisions, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Transportation

Onboarding the data from various sources like API, XML, JSON, Databases, SpreadSheets, CSV, Webpage and more.

Technology: AWS Lambda, Glue, EMR, Nifi, Python, Apache Spark, HDFS, ETL Talend
Cleaning, Parsing, Structuring, Deduplication, Enrichment, Validation.

Technology: Python, Pandas, Numpy
Data Warehouse
Build large scale data warehouses that support analytics tools, dashboard by storing data efficiently, delivering results to many concurrent users. Technology: PostgreSQL, AWS RDS
Data Governance
Helps in having common data definitions, avoiding data silos and inconsistencies, improving data quality, enforcing policies to prevent misuse and errors, ensuring regulatory compliance

Technology: Data Dictionary, Policy Management and Access control, Audit logs
Data Visualization
In the Big Data world, data visualization tools are key to analyze large scale information and implement data-driven decisions. Visualization uncovers trends, patterns and outlier in data.

Technology: Tableau, AWS QuickSight, D3.js
Data Extraction
Extraction of meaningful information from semi structured data, and images is key to many industries and domains. User our data extraction as a service to pull information and drive workflows or deliver insights.

Data Deduplication
Deduplication is a process of identifying and eliminating redundant data from a dataset. Redundant data is becoming a critical issue for organizations across domains such as healthcare, finance, retail, education and almost anywhere else.

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